Mr. Ajeetsinh Patil Kavhekar

Vice President J.S.P.M. Latur (India)

AIS is launched in 2019 with a vision of being the best school in Maharashtra and India. In this globalized competitive era there is a demand of individuals with hands on knowledge, who are holistically groomed for facing the challenges of 21st century. The mantra at Arise is “Knowledge is supreme”. At AIS I assure you the best of teaching and learning practices which will enable students to get the hands on knowledge and equip themselves to take on the world and be a part of the development of the society.

Along with the academics, spiritual, cultural, social, physical and emotional development is an integral part of ARISE curriculum. Extracurricular activities are planned and implemented in as with aim of holistic development of the students to fulfil the demands of the competitive world. I am thankful to all my colleagues for striving hard to achieve our vision. I hope that this school will make a great progress by leaps & bounds in the coming years with the cooperation and best wishes of all students, parents & other people of the vicinity.

Warm Regards!!  
Mr. Ajeetsinh Patil Kavhekar  
Vice President, JSPM Latur.