“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. ~ Albert Einstein.

Mrs.Kanika Anand


Above thought from the greatest and the most influential physicists of all time is valid in present scenario as well. Intellectual goals cannot be accomplished until and unless they have a strong base of spirituality. The child who is morally upright raises the intellectual standards of the whole nation. A few careless strokes of brushes can never assist a painter in creation of his or her masterpiece. Be it a work of art or science that aims to achieve the masterpiece status, needs to have originality and strength to stand the test of time.

A gardener takes care dexterously about the amount of manure, light, air and water required to grow a healthy plant. Similarly, grooming and shaping tender young impressionistic minds is both a challenging and daunting task. Devoted team of Arise International school have pledged to play the dual role of the painter and gardener for creating their masterpieces i.e. their students in a way that they become the responsible citizens of the future.

We aim to create a perfect balance between imparting knowledge through curriculum and by igniting young minds through developing sublime inner qualities. While on one hand AIS trains its students to uphold spirituality combined with the scientific temper which leads to innovation i.e. an epitome of each and every century, on another it equips the students to overcome obstacles that may come in their way as stumbling blocks.

AIS campus focuses on nurturing child to share his inhibitions, opinions & expectations in a healthy non- fearing environment. Team Arise takes the responsibility to train the students for the professional world where they can make their passion their profession and hone their performance by making their head, hand and heart work together in whatever occupation they might choose in future.

Warm Regards!!   
Mrs. Kanika Anand  
Principal Arise International School, Ravet