The mission of the program is to create tomorrow’s responsible citizens. It develops problem solving, critical thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence among cadets. The Marshal Cadet Force conducts a unique “Commando Training Course” for children of age group 6 to 15 years. The primary aim of the course is making the cadets self-reliant, confident, physically and mentally fit. It also makes cadets resilient and life savers.

MCF strives to nurture students in order to equip them with the right skills to face the various physical, mental and emotional obstacles in life. Students with the right training are future ready and bring about disciplined life style, attain physical fitness, know self-defence, have moral and ethical values, wilts also having a sense of alertness in emergency scenarios. Furthermore, the core formation does lead to encouragement and additional support in order to achieve their goals of being part of the Indian Armed Forces.

MCF covers all possible aspects of defence preparatory training, teaching and guidance with its well-developed curriculum. MCF creates an environment conducive in motivating the youth to join armed forces in their respective cadre such as Indian Army, Air force, Civil Aviation, Indian Navy, Merchant Navy, NDA, various paramilitary forces, Police Force, Services of Disaster/Environmental/Forest Management.